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By Amrita TV | News & Analysis | Wednesday \ 11.30 PM

Amrita TV 's Gulf -aligned show, GULF PANORAMA is a collection of stories of current affairs that gives an insight into the lives of Malayalees residing in the Persian Gulf countries. This half hour program is a latest addition to Amrita TV's overseas program line-up.

Amrita TV extends this program as a part of the social commitment we possess, not only to our countrymen but also to the millions of 'pravasi' Malayalees who form the back bone of our economic and social set up, so far. We unfold the lives of the people who build up their dreams in the desert- paradise, trying not to see and not let the outer world see either, the dark face of harsh realities. The pravasis who include laborers, the semi skilled workers and blue collar employees share the uncertainty that always looms over their future- their fears of being terminated abruptly.

Apart from the interesting news feature snippets that acquaint us to the developments, events and advancements of the region , this program brings to you, authentic narratives that draws the stories of amazing souls , who are ordinary people with extra- ordinary minds who set apart money from their meager incomes to help those in need- the mutual responsibility of people who are far …far away from the comforts of their loved ones.

This program sketches the unseen lives of Gulf life in black, white and grey shades to open the eyes of the Government authorities and the fellow Keralites back home.

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