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. “.. Just as I turned to English dictionary for the meaning of English words I did not understand, I turned to Gita as the dictionary of conduct for a ready solution of all my troubles and trials” Mahatma Gandhi

The epics of India are ancient and yet with a contemporary message that can apply to many situations the modern man is faced with. The message transcends time, culture, nation and religion.

The Gita is said to encapsulate the essence of Vedanta and Vedas, voluminous texts that house profound philosophy. The Gita is also about Life, the relationship between Man and God in context to this living environment.

Thuravoor Viswambaran articulately brings out the beauty of these texts, their meanings and also reinforces the power of the wisdom through numerous examples form other Indian, Greek, Chineese, Buddhist, Egyptian texts.

About Thuravoor Viswambaran -: Thuravoor Viswambaran is the Professor of Malayalam and Indian Mythology at the Maharajas College

Questioner :- Dr . Vinod B Nair, Dr . Lakshmi Shankar


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