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sandhya deepam
Program Timing : Everyday \ 06.30 PM IST
Host : Romi Sreekumar
Producer : Dileep
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Sandhya Deepam Lighted the Lamp of Television History with Its 1000th Episode

Interpretation of Srimad Bhagavatham To Begin in
Amrita TV’s Sandhya Deepam

Amrita TV’s Sandhya Deepam, Malayalam’s leading spiritual programme that had been bringing the essence of ancient Indian scriptural wisdom to its  viewers over its previous 1200 episodes, will present Shrimad Bhagavatham from June 30th .

Coming in place of Narayaneeyam, the recital of which had proved to be an enriching experience for devotees worldwide, the Bhagavatham will be telecast every day of the week, Monday to Sunday at 6.30 pm.

The sacred verses of  the greatest of all Maha Puranas , will be recited by Priya R.Pai and Rajashree Warrier and its interpretation or saramsh narrated by Brahmashree Kandamangalam Parameshwaran Namboothiri.

Widely believed to be the last spiritual work penned by Bhagavan Vyas, the compiler of all Vedic literature, Bhagavatham is a massive tome of around 18,000 Sanskrit slokas compiled in story format and recited by Suha to his father Pariksith who is on his death bed.

Though it touches upon all the incarnations of Maha Vishnu, the major part of this most popular Puranic text in Sanskrit literature is devoted to Lord Krishan, especially his early years. The Bhagavatham is the source of most tales of his endearing boyhood antics that have been part of the Indian psyche for thousands of years and it is the eloquent lines of the divine testament that have traced those mystic images in our imagination: the toddler who steals butter and ghee, the boy who lifts up the Govardhan mountain on his little finger , the strip of a lad who danced on the head of Kaliya and subdued him, the cowherd who charms the young gopikas with his melodious flute and so on.

Chanting the hymns of most scriptures is auspicious, but reciting the incantations of the Bhagavatham, with its emphasis on the practice of bhakti  is considered to be the most beneficial.

Regular reading of this Purana which contains the essence of Vedantic philosophy is believed to free us from fear, help overcome miseries and purify the soul. The ‘literary incarnation of God’, Bhagavatham is especially relevant in Kaluyug, helping to fortify   against evil, in this age of vice and depravity.

Sandhya Deepam, The Quintessence Of Evening Prayers

Sandhya Deepam is Amrita TV's signature programme that champions our enviable spiritual heritage. It had been enhancing the devotional mood of the dusk at 6.30pm every evening for the past 3 ½ years.

As the whole family comes together for worship and meditation, the programme with its striking visuals of poojas and other religious rites transports us to a mystic plane suited for the sunset hour. Sanyasins and other experts, well versed in matters spiritual explain the significance of daily rituals, customs and ceremonies through its segments.

Each episode of Sandhya Deepam comprise of 4 segments:

Namasankeerthanam consisting of the recitation of timeless Vedic verses and hymns chanted in front of the lighted lamps and burning incense sticks at twilight, extolling the virtues of Gods

Jyothirgamaya, philosophical interpretations of the sacred slokas of Devi Mahatmyam, a magnificent discourse in Sanskrit, narrating the epic tale of Mahadevi, the Mother Goddess, by famous tantric scholar L. Gireeshan

Deeparadhana, the concluding part that captures the sacred deeparadhana ritual, on location from historic temples around Kerala

Sandhya Deepam, an answer to prayers for a devotional programme appropriate for the eventide, continues to light up the twilight hour with the warm glow of prayers.

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