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Super Dancer Junior-2 Rock n’ Rolls To Its Century

Super Dancer Junior-2, Amrita TV’s mega reality show in the dancing genre which had been choreographing a stupendous success story for  5 months, will be tangoing to its one hundredth episode at 8.00pm on January 21st . Second in a super hit series, Super Dancer Junior-2 swirled across the State like an irresistible epidemic, a perfect entertainer of a show that proved to be contagious to both children and adults.

With the audience getting  hooked on the show every weeknight at 8.00pm, the reasons for its near monopoly of the air waves aren’t too difficult to nail down. As in season-1, this edition too had the pick of the best dancing talent from every part of the State. These little pocket dynamos were polished to high perfection through the grooming sessions and the thoughtfully  selected rounds, while cajoling them to  put their best foot forwards in their favourite genre, also compelled them to pirouette through unfamiliar terrain, thus giving  a sharper edge to  the competition.

Through anchor bytes, judges comments and family participation the contestant’s character, strengths, weak spots, fears etc were mapped out in detail. With each succeeding episode these personalized interactions made the participants familiar, close, dear to the viewers who developed emotional bonds with them. They were no longer remote  competitors who danced out a round but favourites whose performances were followed with bated anticipation and discussed threadbare the day after. Sudha Chandran who dared Fate by dancing classical Bharatanatyam on a Jaipur foot to incredulous audiences across the globe and Kala Master, the Czarina of cinematic choreography, the two permanent judges on the 3 member panel  have added sizzle and zip to the competition.

Sudha, a fashion designer’s dream with her sequenced sarees,  eye-popping accessories and overwhelming bindis who teases, chaffs, mimics, sometimes playfully bullies the participants has a quip, comment or retort for every occasion. Kala Master plays the quiet serious foil to her effervescent partner but joins in gamely in every antic or prank that ‘Sudhaji’ thinks up. Giving spot on detailed assessments of every performance and pinpointing the flaws,  they provide a mother’s touch to the young contestants, allaying fears and  assuaging nervousness. Sheha  and Nasneen the beautiful anchor pair, themselves Amrita TV’s Super Dancer products have been piloting the show smoothly often exchanging rapid fire verbal sallies with Sudha Chandran . With their gorgeous designer wear, the duo have become the talking point in schools and colleges.

The celebrity guest list have been a parade of almost every budding heroine in Malayalam from Meera Nandan, Mythili, Dhanya Mary Varghese,Mukta, Ananya, Sharanya Mohan, Mithra Kurien, Sarayu, Vishnu Priya besides veteran directors like Lal Jose, Major Ravi, Saji Surendran etc. Together the contestants, judges, celebrities and anchors blend  into a mix of dance, drama, suspense and  thrills shaking  into a heady cocktail that is too exhilarating to switch off.

On D-day, Friday January 21st , Super Dancer Junior-2 celebrates its century landmark with its signature mix of superlative entertainment- a thematic fashion show for which the contestants walk the ramp in pairs; a Q& A round wherein they have to give witty repartees to the mischievous queries fired by the judges; impromptu dances where Sudha Chandran and Kala Master take the contestants’ parents for a spin on the stage. Midway into its semi-final stage, Super Dancer-2 is traipsing into the pages of history, being one of the rare instances in which the sequel goes one better on the original.

 Actor Sudha Chandran is Jury of Amrita TV's Super Dancer Junior- 2  
Super Dancer Junior-2 takes up position on stage to glide into perfect rhythm when the arc lights first turn on, at 8 pm on September 6; thereafter, it will keep youngsters swaying to its pace every week at 8 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Sudha Chandran, the acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer and actress who danced to international fame on a Jaipur foot will officiate as permanent member on the Jury panel, the first time she does the honours as the Judge of a reality show. Driven by sheer will power and propelled by grit, Sudha tapped up a storm on stages around the world by managing intricate dance steps on an amputed leg; she will lend an extra dimension of determination and perseverance to the show, that contestants could emulate. Kala Master, the reigning diva of choreography, who has every star in South Indian films swinging and dancing to her beats, shares the judges’ dais and the responsibility of contestant appraisal with Sudha Chandran.

A steady stream of celebrity judges such as Mythily, Dhanya Mary Varghese, Meera Nandan etc will balance the assessment of these experienced pros with their youthful perspective.

The 16 selected competitors who have been divided into 2 groups- dazzling stars and rocking stars - will compete on a team as well as individual basis, with their personal scores deciding the elimination in each level.The inaugural level starts with the inventive rounds: Step with Style where each competitor gives a glimpse of their latent potential; Hits& Rocks in which each dance in step to a super hit number from Malayalam, Hindi or Tamil; U & Me, that involves altzing in pairs etc.

As Kala Master and Sudha Chandran, the 2 queens of the dancing floor call the tune from September 6, the participants will have to twist, rock, sway, whirl and swing in time to it and move body and soul in rhythm, to measure up to their exacting standards. When the rigorous rounds unfold into relentless tempo of the competition, Super Dancer Junior-2 which gives wings to the dreams of aspiring young dancers, will really develop into something, to make a song and dance about.
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