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  Amrita TV’s Super Dupe Guffaws Its Way Into Its Grand Finale

Super Dupe, Amrita TV’s humorous blockbuster of a show that had its viewers laughing the upholstery off their armchairs every evening, moves into its  Grand Finale to be telecast on October 31st at 2.30pm.

Ten of the best contenders who have proved their laughworthiness with unvaryingly hilarious performances in successive spoofs and skits are busy devising ways and means of  making the audience and the judges chuckle in their favour and bestow the title of Super Dupe.

A carnival of  comedy that will  evoke gales of laughter, the Grand Finale  will rate the participants’ precision in miming, range of mimicry and histrionic abilities through
3 rounds: acting dupe, dancing dupe and challenging dupe

In the Acting Dupe, the contestant has to present a self-scripted short skit of 5 minutes duration; he will be permitted to bring in five additional actors to enact the different characters of the play. The impersonation which will have to be more finespun and refined than his previous performances, must bring out the subtlest idiosyncrasies and minutest mannerisms of the person he mimics.

Dancing Dupe condenses the time frame for each competitor to 2 minutes within which period he has to enact the best known film song  portrayed by the actor he usually mimes.

Challenging  Dupe is the final decisive segment in which the contestants have to present as many prominent personalities as possible within 1 ½ minutes , without resorting to dialogue.
The participants have to become ‘quick change artists’ transforming themselves from one character to the next in the blinking of an eye with just a change of expression, a different set of gestures or a slight adjustment of hairstyle.

The final decision as to who deserves the title will be made by the judging panel of Manju Pillai, Abbi and Kottayam Nasir  with Guiness Pakru and Harisree Asokan, the celebrity judges also chipping in .

The  piece de resistance  of a show that had  etched  laugh  lines  on the face of its viewers, the Grand Finale  of   Super Dupe will live upto  its reputation  of  leaving the audience convulsed with laughter till the curtains come down.

But due to the phenomenal successs of the show, the curtains go up the very next day with the launch of Super Dupe-2 on November 1st at 7pm Monday to Friday, same day same time but packed with more fun n’ laughter
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