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Super Model
By Amrita TV | Life Style | Mon - Thu \ 8.30 PM

In search of the 'Super Model' in you…!

Today’s world lives in fashion which is vibrant and ever changing. The cute and stylish people who bring us the new trends in fashion in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup etc. are great stars of attraction and we call them ‘SUPER MODELS’. 

For the first time in Malayalam Television, Amrita TV is launching an exclusive Fashion Reality Show- ‘SUPER MODEL’- to enthrall the viewers, especially the fashion conscious youngsters.

Through audition, 12 contestants are to be selected and with them the show starts off. The show consists of a number of tasks which the models have to perform, either team based or individual task. For every session, experts from the realm of fashion and modeling would groom the contestants on various aspects like ramp walk, how to pose in front of a camera, how to select costumes & accessories, how to give expressions etc. Different phases of the competition include grooming, designer round, make up round, photo shoot round and expression round. There will be elimination after the first round. To reduce the tension of the contestants, leisure time will also be provided for them. The second phase of the show comprises of Personality test, Courage test and Efficiency test, followed by another elimination. Then comes the final stage, with the remaining 6 contestants. 

The show will carry out a complete make over of the contestants, both physical and mental, in order to mould them into a perfect model, bold and beautiful. Not only a perfect model is about to be born here, but a woman, perfect in all aspects.

Let’s wait for the ‘star models’ walk through the ramp of this wonderful opportunity to the limelight of stardom.

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