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Amrita TV Launches New Serial Surya Kaladi
By Amrita TV | Serials | Mon - Thu \ 9.00 PM

A gripping tale of wizards and vengeance, Surya Kaladi is the serialized dramatization of a celebrated myth, plucked from Kottarathil Sankunni's acclaimed classic, Ayithihyamala, a collection of centuries old lores and legends, folk tales and fables of Kerala.

Directed by Pradeep Vallikkavu and starring Shiju Rasheed, Edavela Babu, Jagannatha Varma,Manka Mahesh, Maya Viswanath , Subba Lekshmi etc, the serial will be telecast Monday to Thursday at 9 pm from October 21st.

The serial ambles back in time to a feudal period in history peopled by kings and nobles, vampires and sirens, sprawling manas with its shadowy courtyards shrouded in mysteries and dark secrets buried in its underground vaults, of Bhattathitipads who were experts in tantric rituals and techniques.

The story is set in such a antiquated abode, the Surya Kaladi Mana, one of the six richest practioners of mantra, whose origin is said to date back to the time of Parasurama and depicts the eventful life and times of the first of the Surya Kaladi Namboothiris, Devanarayanan Bhattathiri who, according to legend, made the Sun God appear before him through his penances and of his successor, Chitra Devanarayanan who invoked Lord Ganesha in the form of an elephant. Against a background of wizardry and sorcery, Surya Kaladi portrays a saga of fierce feuds that had passed down generations, treachery that shot its fatal arrows under the cover of superstition and implacable retribution that repays scores written in blood, painting a virtual landscape of emotions tinted with tense drama and terse suspense.

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