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Amrita Centre of Excellence in Organ Transplantation dedicated to the Nation     Amrita Varsham 62- Amma's Birthday celebrations    Amritapuri has become Vrindavan on Sri Krishna Jayanthi
The broad objective of the program is to promote world peace and imbibe the spirit of service among peoples of the world which is the main mission of Mata Amritandandamayi, fondly known worldwide as Amma(Mother)The program opens with a brief thematic message from Mata Amritanandamayi which relates to actual issues faced by people in their lives .This message is replete with simple anecdotes and examples from day-to-day life to make it engrossing for one and all. Since the program cuts across barriers of community,religion and language, whatever is said in Malayalam is shown with English sub-titles so that people across the world can understand the meaning.

Program timings

Saturday & Sunday \ 06.00 AM IST
Repeat telecasts : Saturday & Sunday \ 9.30 PM IST
: Sunday & Monday \ 5.00 AM IST

Friday & Saturday \ 7.30 PM EST
Repeat telecasts : Sat & Sun \ 11.00 AM EST,
Sat & Sun \ 6.30 PM EST

  Literally meaning travelling with Amma , this program traces the travels of Mata Amritanandamayi across the world every year, which includes USA,Europe,Japan, Malaysia and recently China.The goal of these vists is to promote universal brotherhood among communities with a view to imbibing a spirit of sacrifice and service through humanitarian activities for the underprivileged across the world. During these annual global tours thousands of people from all nationalities come to partake which is captured by way of an episode telecast on Amrita TV . The program also carries clips of the major tourist attractions of each such destination from different countries around the world . Since the program has universal appeal, it is sub-titled in English

Program timings

Sunday \ 10.30 AM IST 
Repeat telecast : Friday \ 10.30 AM IST ,
Monday \ 4.00 AM IST

Sunday \ 12.00 AM EST 
Repeat telecast - Friday \ 12.00 AM EST,
Sunday \ 5.30 PM EST

  This is a 5-minute discourse on life management based on  teachings from scriptures, epics, lives of great men and women which can provide guidance to people and help them in making their minds stronger to face the vicissitudes of life . Since the messages are universal in nature the program is subtitled in English .

Program timings

Mon - Fri \ 6.25 AM IST & Mon - Fri \ 6.55 PM IST
Repeat telecast : Tues - Sat \ 5.25 AM IST
Mon - Fri \ 7.55 PM EST & Mon - Fri \ 8.25 AM EST 
Repeat telecast - Monday - Friday \ 6.55 PM EST

Amrita TV, launched in 2005, as a 24-hour Malayalam, general entertainment & news satellite channel with a global footprint, has been honoured with 65 State Awards for Excellence in Television - the only channel in India to be bestowed with such a recognition.
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