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HOME MINISTER Mon - fri \ 8.00 PM  

Friday Film House, the Kerala-based Indian film production company founded by actor Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas is now stepping into television production with 'Home Minister', an exclusive family game show on Amrita TV. This is neither a comedy reality show, nor a quiz competition, but it is all about quick thinking and action coupled with sheer luck, filled with fun and entertainment. Anybody between the age of 12-60 and actively interferes in the day-to-day activities at home can participate. 

Your favorite Star Anchors will be there to present the show. In each episode, there will be 5 rounds and a total number of 7 contestants. Each round will be a funny-game round incorporating the luck factor, visuals, activities and rapid questions. The contestant who answers the questions the most and successfully completes the activity tasks gets selected as winner of the show.

No contestant goes barehanded in this show as lots and lots of exciting Prizes are awaiting each one of them including a Bumper Prize, ranging from household electronic items to Fridge, Washing Machine, Televison, AC and fantastic two-wheelers.

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